TITAN OF MEDIATION: A Conversation with Dr. Joseph Folger

Dr. Barbara Sunderland Manousso of manousso.us with her guest Dr. Joseph Folger of TransformativeMediation.org and Mac and Natalia of olowskapierre.com following the publishing of the novel “Memoir of a Misfit Mediator” newly published by Dr. Folger. Joe Folger answers the questions on the core of the book and what led him to write it, giving practical clues on how the mediator’s path can be transformative to themselves and the parties with whom they mediate. He talks about our own attitudes to conflict. In his book, introducing fake characters, he presents the real mediation scenarios and asks the most important questions about the mediation process, its safeguard and the role of a mediator. The conversation leads us from how mediation can empower the parties to how the institutional limitations can deviate the meaning and necessity of the mediation. Joe discusses these issues showing on how many levels and fields we should ask ourselves the question of who I am and what I am brining in this very situation to be our guidance both professionally and in private life every day.

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