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EP 246 Alcoholism & Family Law – With Alcohol-Free Sobriety Coach Gina Kunadian of

Gina Kunadian of, and who is the host of the Shine Within Podcast, joined Mac Pierre-Louis of, to share her personal story of beating alcoholism […]

EP 245 How Do I Serve Someone I Cannot Find? With Attorney Dannielle Simms of

The service of process procedure, that is serving court papers on a litigant, is not always easy. In this episode, Texas Attorney Dannielle Simms of joined Mac Pierre-Louis […]

EP244 Witness Preparation in Family Court with Attorney Yasmin Kutty of

Attorney Yasmin Kutty of the stopped by to discuss with Mac Pierre-Louis (, Witness Preparation in Family Court. A Board Certified Family Law Attorney with 2 […]

EP 243 Community Property in Texas Family Law with Dannielle Simms of

Texas Attorney Dannielle Simms of joined Mac Pierre-Louis of to community property in Texas divorces, as defined in Texas Family Code Section 3.002. They discussed the nuances of community […]

Dealing with Conflicts Over Time as Lawyers and Mediators, Part 1 – For Lawyers (Originally published on

Originally published on In a recent episode on the LMIPodcast, ADR professor Raheena Lalani Dahya discussed time and how different ways cultures treat time can actually be a source […]

EP 242 Geographic Restrictions in TX Family Law with Dannielle Simms of

Courts tend towards imposing geographical restriction unless specific circumstances warrant otherwise. -Attorney Dannielle Simms In this episode, Texas Attorney Dannielle Simms of joined Mac Pierre-Louis of […]

EP 241 Effective Use of AI and Decision Science in Mediation with Robert Bergman

In Episode 241, Robert Bergman of joined with Mac Pierre-Louis of and Thomas G. Giglione of on how Next Level Mediation can assist neutrals to use AI to help […]

EP 240 Cultural Impact of AI – A Conversation with Mediator Professor Raheena Lalani Dahya

An algorithm isn’t thinking; it’s executing… It’s very difficult to look at a conflict and ignore the technological side. -Prof. Lalani Dahya Lawyer & Mediator Raheena Lalani […]

EP 239 OPENJUSTICE.AI – A Conversation with Professor Samuel Dahan

Law Professor Samuel Dahan of Queens University discussed with Mac Pierre-Louis and Thomas G. Giglione of Samuel discussed the development of legal AI systems and […]

EP 238 What is a Synthetic Attorney – A Conversation with Sean McDonald of

In this episode, attorney Mac Pierre-Louis interviews Sean McDonald, founder of the AI company about the concept of a “synthetic attorney.” Sean’s the founder of 2 […]

Balance with Technology through Mastery of Technology

I recently watched the 2023 film The Creator, starring John David Washington. It presents a futuristic Earth where humans are at war with AI. Not the Terminator […]

Lesson Preview on F.R.I.D.A AI for Harris County Family Courts

On January 13, 2024, several lawyers and mediators got together to discuss recent AI updates and how they impact lawyers and mediators. That recording is available to […]