An Author Introduction & Book Review: Making Mediation Your Day Job with Dr. Tammy Lenski

Dr. Tammy Lenski (, an author, a mediator and an entrepreneur is being interviewed by Mac and Natalia ( and Sylvia Mayer ( In this video podcast based on the book written by Tammy and titled “Making mediation your day job”, Tammy proves that this book, first published in 2008 (and editions afterwards), remains a valuable resource for mediators even in the times of transferring a lot of services, including mediations, into the online world. The conversation develops from the book into the today’s reality and Tammy shares her views on the social media marketing and the experience she has with this type of marketing over the years of her practice. Tammy references what other books and resources can be useful to mediators and entrepreneurs and shows examples how to market the services in the most efficient way to find direct access to the clients for the services one offers. And, ultimately, gives hints how to talk to potential clients about what mediation really is and what good it can do to them.

Lawyer, mediator, arbitrator, practicing family law but passionate about helping people resolve their conflicts and disputes through mediation.

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