Mediating Haircuts, Piercings & Braces! Resolving Parental Disputes over Kids’ Bodies

A conversation between Tye Bourdony of and Mac and Natalia of on how to solve the conflicts resulting from different parental views on what can be done to their children in terms of haircuts, braces (not invasive or cosmetic procedure) or repairing scars, tattoo’s and piercing. The three mediators share their views and experience on how to settle such issues in mediation and how to best regulate splitting the costs of the necessary procedures, consulting an appropriate specialist, setting the timing, etc. Watch to see how you can address these issues and do all you can to ensure your child’s best interest as a priority and use mediation for it.

Lawyer, mediator, arbitrator, practicing family law but passionate about helping people resolve their conflicts and disputes through mediation.

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