Drafting the Arbitration Clause to Help Resolve Conflicts

Federico Vasoli of https://dmtvglobal.com speaks with Natalia and Mac of https://OlowskaPierre.com about the fundamentals of the Arbitration Clause and what to take into account when drafting it in addition to what role it plays in dispute resolutions.

Arbitration, being one of the methods of ADR {alternative dispute resolution}, is a way to resolve your legal disputes outside of court.

Because of its multiple benefits, the Arbitration Clause is absolutely advisable to have present in the contract; hence the paramount reason why it’s so important to conscientiously plan ahead and draft it together with the contract.

An Arbitration Clause can indicate a particular existing court or be a Clause for an ad hoc court – invented and arranged for by the parties.

The business relationships as it brings flexibility to the possible conflict resolution, enabling for instance to have a multi-step clause, e.g. addressing a specific court for specific types of claims.

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