Community Stewardship – A Mediator’s Conversation with Business Guru Hank Moore

Dr. Barbara Manousso’s ( guest Hank Moore ( opens up his treasure trove of time-tested principles on community stewardship.

Definitely noteworthy material for Mediators everywhere to adopt.

He shares with Mac Pierre-Louis & Natalia Olowska-Czajka of its importance in business sectors.

Although companies’ financial stewardship is both welcomed & needed, one’s time volunteering is highly valued. It’s here where bonds are made with prospective customers and the ability to link up with others in your industry, etc.

By products of these transactions are having a keener understanding of the community and finding a niche for services.

Hank gives multiple examples of how creative and beneficial this sort of non-profit co-operation can add to the profit of regular work improving it with new aspects and flavors. He evokes his own mentors and shows how they influenced him from the early years of his life and incentivized him to give out of himself to the community in a wise way. He explains how free mentoring is a type of stewardship.

The main idea that transpires from Hank’s multi-year experience is the importance of giving back to business success and that community service enhances skills of employees and companies.

Endeavour to read more insights from Hank Moore’s book “Non-Profit Legends” (nominated for the Pulitzer Prize) where concepts of community stewardship & non-profit management and culture are discussed deeper.


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