When the Unexpected Happens at Mediation (Crazy Stories PART 2)

Tye Bourdony of Cfmediationcenter.com chatted with InstantMediations’ Natalia and Mac of olowskapierre.com to discuss ways more unexpeted things that happen at mediation.

Check out Part 1 here: https://youtu.be/HAryNoifwkY

Listen to the podcast or watch on YouTube or on Tye’s InstantMediations’ LawyersandMediators.org Channel page.

Weird? Obscure? Creepy? Unexpected the least. Tye Bourdony chats on the most intriguing which can happen in mediation, namely:

-extortion, blackmail, duress

– bearing bad news of affairs, unexpected paternity, passing away of cats

-going outside the mediator’s comfort zone to see and experience

– what to do if facing a gun in mediation

– what if the parties try to undress at mediation, wear revealing closing, try shoe sniffing

– and ultimately what if there is an admission of crime or abuse.

Watch to see as the world of mediation can seem quite different to the one we believe it to be.

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