Investments in Vietnam in 2022: Avoiding Legal Conflicts With Federico Vasoli

Federico Vasoli of joined Mac and Natalia of to discuss Vietnam in the year 2022 in the context of avoiding the legal conflict. As Vietnam was somehow the winner of the pandemic in 2020, for it had managed to contain contagions, ICU saturation and deaths and hence life seemed back to normal, people do not fear Vietnam. A lesson that benefitted Vietnam was also that China cannot be left alone as an exclusive delivery source for parts etc. The year 2021, however, was not so good and even though the country has experienced economic growth according to the statistics, the Delta variant hit the country very hard at a time when vaccines were not available and erratic and overly complicated policies made it very difficult for foreign businesses to set foot in the country, despite the introduction of the new laws on investment and enterprises. The government has given signs that 2022 will be very different, more pragmatic, and more business friendly. In this episode we discuss briefly the laws favoring businesses, their spirits and the opportunities ahead for foreign businesses in and with Vietnam. #vietnamsolution #cryptolawsolution #vietnam #businessinvietnam

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