Dispute Resolution Through Grassroots Mediation

This episode (catch on YouTube) features Thomas G. Giglione (Mediation.vn & Vietnamadr.com) and Hoa Thi Kim Nguyen, the Vice Director of the Hanoi-based Microfinance and Community Development Institute (MACDI – macdivn.org) and their discussion with Mac Pierre-Louis (instantmediations.com & oplawyers.org) regarding the work they’re doing in Vietnam involving grassroots mediations. Per the June 2020 EU Jule backed report “Dispute Resolution Through Grassroots Mediation”: Grassroots mediation is an alternative dispute resolution mechanism for minor disputes, conflicts and violations of the law arising in the daily lives of communities. This is a voluntary procedure. Grassroots mediation is widely used because of low costs, accessibility, confidentiality and its ability to reduce tensions between parties. See the report here:

Grassroots mediations is one branch in tree #16 of the UN”s 17 sustainable development goal (SDG) “trees”. SDG 16 has the goal of promoting “Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions.” Grassroots mediation helps promote peace and justice when everyday people have systems in place that get them to the table for meaningful negotiations and resolutions of their problems. Visit the global progress that’s occurring on SDG 16 here. Learn more about EU Jule, established in 2018 here.

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