Conflict in Ukraine Day 14- A Polish Perspective

On the same evening that US Vice President Kamala Harris gave an address in Warsaw, Poland, addressing ways the United States was ready to help Ukrainian refugees entering Poland, InstantMediation’s co-founder Natalia Olowska-Czajka of sat down on the podcast to record her recent experiences in the city, and to share ways people can help those suffering. It’s estimated at least 1.3 million Ukrainians have entered Poland since the start of the Russian invasion. Most of these people have lost everything and may suffer for years to come. Similar to the Lawyers & Mediators International YouTube episode involving Haitian migrant refugees done last September 2021, we are providing information on ways you can help. Conflict comes in many forms and from many sources. Here, the conflict has arisen from the leaders of a more-powerful nation deciding to overpower it’s smaller neighbor when those neighbors did nothing but express desire to have a Western way of life. It was an unprovoked war of aggression. Wars of aggression are not only morally wrong, but with global systems of alliances being what they are, they are also dangerous. Twice since 1900, millions have perished because such wars “went beyond” their anticipated “goals.” The same can happen again if this aggression does not stop. Mediators and conflict resolution professionals around the world call for an end to this bloodshed. But while it continues, we hope everyone can do their part to help alleviate the suffering of the innocent. See helpful links below.

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