Can You Agree to No Child Support in Family Mediations

Tye Bourdony of with Natalia Olowska-Czajka and Mac Pierre-Louis of illustrate how mediation addresses a question so commonly asked by handfuls of many parents, “Can I agree to pay no child support at all?” As usual, it depends…

In this video, we dive into creative ways to addressing the fundamental issue & paying it “wiser” or in other effective ways:

  1. where there is 50/50 joint custody & both parties earn similar incomes, they might both agree to not have a child support order on record
  2. where child support can be rendered as “services in kind”, such as allocating the funds to the mortgage each month or paying for the child’s or children’s private schooling
  3. where retroactive child support is at stake
  4. where settling arrears in child support through claiming the child or children during tax season

Just remember, nothing in these episodes constitutes legal advice; so be sure to talk to a lawyer as cases are fact dependent.

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