Lesson Preview on F.R.I.D.A AI for Harris County Family Courts

On January 13, 2024, several lawyers and mediators got together to discuss recent AI updates and how they impact lawyers and mediators. That recording is available to watch for free on LMITrainings.com at the lesson LESSON – 1.13.24 What to Know About AI Training. Below is a quick preview that introduces a data set of Harris County family courts information that is then analyzed by ChatGPT Turbo and is made available to the public through the conversational chatbot F.R.I.D.A AI.

Audio transcript below video.

For the Harris County family courts, what we’re working on is a data set. So here’s a data set. The data set is a spreadsheet. Let me go to it. On this spreadsheet, I’ve organized all the different courts, 245, 246, 247, all the different courts in Harris County, okay? And then on, that’s by columns. And on the rows, I’ll put judge, judge’s name, court location, court website, court phone number. And then I just go through all of the information that I think that I need for each court. So when you, when ChatGPT does the analysis, I could ask you this question, the 308th court column F, and the question for additional court policies and procedures, late calls. And on the court’s website, they wrote, if you’re running late for a hearing, email, 308late@justtext. net and include your cause number, the name of the attorney checking in late, time estimate. And if you’re in another court where you can be located and please copy all necessary parties. Now that is exactly word for word, copied text from the 308th district courts website. And unfortunately, unlike Florida where I’m licensed, Texas’ courts are a mess because all the courts have a bunch of different rules that they all set up judge by judge, which makes our lives as attorneys really, really difficult. And I’m thinking, you know, wouldn’t it be cool instead of having to keep up with nine different courts, ’cause I always gotta have my assistant go and, “Hey, Go find out the rule for this court, for X, Y, and Z,” which of course, change anytime they want. And they don’t tell us. They might announce it on the Facebook group for the Houston lawyers Facebook group, but you sometimes find out a fool of yourself in court in front of your client. You simply find out by being told right there by the judge, well, you know, we updated our rules last month. I’m like, how would I know that? That’s the nightmare that we’ve been dealing with. So I thought, you know, wouldn’t it be cool if we could just have a spreadsheet, put all the courts, paste all their texts from their website. And then of course, I gotta have someone manage it and maintain it, because that’s the data set. And then take this link, make it public. That’s why it’s public. Okay, anybody can view it in the world, but they can’t edit it, only I can edit it or people I choose. And I take this link, I go over to the Knowledge Hub and I edit it, paste it, it’s real time. It takes about a couple of seconds and I’m gonna get, okay, Success Edited successfully. and on the bottom it says it’s synched, as of today at 10: 42 am. Now I simply go to the actual site. Let me give you the site. And you, You You guys are the first ones to actually see this since I haven’t announced this yet because it’s actually a lot of work to get make sure that data is correct. And so it’s called The Sandbox, you know, in the tech world sandbox is where you go and play. And one of the first one I have here is FRIDA for Harris County Family Courts And so the way I have it, Harris County Family Courts, Frida AI Policy and Procedures Project. And basically this is it. People can ask a question. So what is the 308th’s policies, policy for running late, enter, it’s going to ask me to accept its privacy, again, this is all public data. Oh, no, I’m going to see this. This is called a hallucination. It says email the 308thlate. Well, no, it actually got it correct. It actually got it correct, but it’s not the answer I want, but it is correct. It says email 308late@justex. net with details. Okay, let me say what are the details I need to email? Give it a second There. And perfect they give me the answer. If you’re running late email 308late@justex. net with your case number, attorney’s name, and estimated time of arrival. It basically got it, if you go back to the spreadsheet. If you go back to the spreadsheet here. It basically got it and it pulled the data from box F22. And so the key is you’re having to train. this bot by pointing it to the data set that it’s going to pull from.

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