EP 246 Alcoholism & Family Law – With Alcohol-Free Sobriety Coach Gina Kunadian of GinaKunadian.com

Gina Kunadian of GinaKunadian.com, and who is the host of the Shine Within Podcast, joined Mac Pierre-Louis of MacPierreLouis.com, to share her personal story of beating alcoholism and her current work as a women’s alcohol-free sobriety coach. Gina’s story of recovering from alcoholism, and overcoming its many challenges, including its physical, emotional, and legal challenges, stands as a reminder that anyone can bounce back after pain and loss. Gina’s anecdotes about how alcohol dependency impacted her parent-child and co-parenting relationships illustrate that alcohol abuse by parents unsurprisingly leads to the courthouse. Listen to Gina’s inspiring story of recovery through faith, hope, and love and how she now leads others to overcome alcohol dependency by re-investing in their mind, body, and spirt. See Excerpt and resource materials links below videos.

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Excerpt: “Become your own best friend. Like for me and then my husband, I always tell him this, I enjoy my alone time because I connect with myself. I don’t need to have to be around everybody, although I do like to be around people, but I love to be by myself. I hated to be by myself before when I was drinking because I was afraid and I had so much fear like, oh, I don’t want to be feeling this way and what’s wrong with me? I enjoy myself and so finding things that you enjoy doing and start with that you know. And then eventually I think later on in time you will then start opening up and start maybe meeting people. Like another great website that I did, especially as a new mom, is I went on to Meetup.com or whatever habits you love to do or whatever you know like hobbies you enjoy. Look that up. So whether if it’s like chess, a book club, you know, exercise group, hiking group, start with that and see. And if you really want to start hanging around with sober people, look up, just go on Google and just search sober events. You’ll find a lot and then you can connect with like minded women who are wanting to become sober.” -Gina Kunadian

MENTIONED NBC NEWSARTICLE – More Women in the U.S. are drinking themselves to death, research finds.


Becoming You: A Guide To Designing A Life You Love’ by Rebecca Cafiero

The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself’ by Michael A. Singer

You Had Me At No’ by Sheryl Green

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