Similarities Between Family Divorces & Business Divorces With Sylvia Mayer

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Sylvia Mayer of joins Mac Pierre-Louis and Natalia Olowska-Czajka of to explore the differences and similarities between mediating family divorces (when a couple separate and need to divide up their property and, if children are involved, set a custody schedule) and business divorces (when owners of a small or privately held business part ways and need to divide up the assets and liabilities of the business or resolve disputes related to the management of the business).

Are emotions high?

Are children (literal children or figurative children in the form of a business grown from the ground up) involved?

Is there property to divide up?

Or liabilities?

Do one or both parties feel betrayed or deceived?

With all of this, how do mediators help the parties find a path to resolution?

Below is a related link to a blog post article that Sylvia wrote on business divorce.

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