EP 240 Cultural Impact of AI – A Conversation with Mediator Professor Raheena Lalani Dahya

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An algorithm isn’t thinking; it’s executing… It’s very difficult to look at a conflict and ignore the technological side.

-Prof. Lalani Dahya

Lawyer & Mediator Raheena Lalani Dahya stopped by the Lawyers & Mediators International podcast to discuss with Mac Pierre-Louis and Thomas G. Giglione of WeAgreeMediators.com, modern technology’s impact on culture and vice versa, especially in how artificial intelligence plays a role in resolving conflicts when cultural differences matter. Listen to this insightful talk as Prof. Lalani Dahya masterfully explain what’s actually going on in the world of conflict resolution when tech and culture intersect.

**EDITOR’S NOTE: during the conversation regarding culture (video 13:43), Professor Lalani Dahya referred to both types of culture as contemporary. She has issued a correction: the first set of cultures to which she refers are ‘traditional cultures’; the second set of cultures are ‘contemporary cultures’.

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Some Topics Discussed were:

Managing cross-cultural diversity in mediation practice

Maintaining curiosity and avoiding judgment is crucial when managing diverse cultural perspectives during mediation. A case example demonstrated how understanding cultural nuances led to effective conflict resolution through genuine apologies. Cultural differences such as maintaining eye contact during apologies were successfully navigated through curiosity and open dialogue.

Quality of data and its impact on AI systems

AI is fed on data which influences the quality of its output. Cleaning data using a human rights framework can improve the quality of data fed to AI systems. The concept ‘garbage in, garbage out’ applies to AI, much the same way it applies to diet.

Influence of Cultural Dynamics on Conflict Resolution Strategies

Understanding cultural spectrums in conflict resolution. Example of monochronous vs polychronous cultures impacting conflict at an Indian wedding. Consideration of cultural aspects in child apprehension cases.

Integration of AI in Conflict Analysis

Use of AI in analyzing conflicts, not as just a tool in mediation practice. Screening for violence and technological impacts on conflicts. Hear case example involving cyberstalking and harassment.

Artificial Intelligence and Cultural Impact

AI’s impact on culture and conflict resolution. “Overblocking” by algorithms leading to human rights issues. Virtual life becoming the new congregation point during the pandemic.

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